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Suspended in a moment without time in a space where no separation exists between the natural world and humankind, our spirit is challenged to reunify with beauty, power and awesome flexibility of Creation.
Removing ourselves from the role of observers we join with the tides as an inclusive element in life's flow. For this egoless journey, we reach to Nature herself, trusting that in her our needs will be met and satisfied.

The Arctic natives were sophisticated in this simplicity. The boats they designed and refined over thousands of years remain unparalleled in performance and aesthetic beauty, for this reason our skin framed boats are crafted in the ancient tradition, using authentic native methods and historically documented designs.


Our skin framed boats continue in the art of refinement, where more means less and advancement means looking behind.

In this traditional line each boat is custom built, permitting its owner to wear it like a skin, its skeleton flexes and breathes imitating nature's protective body, a body of strength, endurance and integrity.

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